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How to Increase Food's Nutritional Value

Did you know that foods can have their nutritional worth increased beyond what it is already?

Each bite you take involves several mechanical and chemical modifications. These modifications impact the food's nutritional value and the bioavailability of each component ingested. The term "bioavailability" describes how quickly the body absorbs food after being consumed.

This suggests that eating food in its raw state is the best way to get some nutrients. Here are some suggestions to increase the nutritional value of the meals you eat because some foods' nutrients are only accessible when they are cooked, crushed, sliced, or eaten with something on the side. These foods can be part of your power detox diet also.
How To Maximize Nutrition In Food
Put A Focus On Eating Food That Was Farmed Nearby
Buying farm products from nearby farms has many advantages. It is nutritious and fresh. The discussion between organic and conventional is a completely different topic, but buying fresh food from your neighbourhood farmer's market will improve the nutritious content of your regular meals.
Soak, Cut, Grind, And Combine
To extract more vitamins, minerals, and other substances from foods, it is important to follow some fundamental food preparation procedures.

Chopping fruits and vegetables: The nutrients are released by rupturing the dense plant cell walls. Garlic and onion are chopped and crushed; this aids in releasing alliinase. The enzyme alliinase aids in the formation of the vitamin allicin. When taken, allicin promotes the synthesis of other substances that strengthen immunity.

Maintain easy access to fruits and veggies. The nutritious value of fruits and vegetables is reduced by heat, oxygen (to prevent oxidation), and sunlight. The foods listed below can be stored as shown above.

Before placing sliced fruits and vegetables in an airtight container, sprinkle them with lemon juice. Fruits and vegetables would not turn brown since it decreases nutritional oxidation.
All herbs should be cut finely and frozen in ice cube trays with water to preserve their phytonutrients.
Raw Food
Nutrients sensitive to heat and water soluble should be taken uncooked. Heat causes the vitamin B5, B1, folate, and vitamin C to degrade. It is therefore recommended to eat foods containing these nutrients uncooked. For example, cooked spinach provides three times as much vitamin C as raw spinach. Sunflower seeds, peas, beet greens, and Brussels sprouts are all good sources of vitamin B1.​​​​​​​​
Understand Which Foods Cook Best
Cooking can cause nutritional losses of up to 50–55%. Boiling water can cause some foods to lose their nutrition. Iron and other minerals become more soluble as you cook, which is a benefit. Cooking reduces the presence of oxalates, acids that prevent minerals from being absorbed into foods by clinging to them.

Tomatoes: According to research, boiling tomatoes for 30 minutes raises their lycopene level by 25%, which is excellent for the body.
One must eat the correct kinds of foods to maximise the absorption of nutrients from meals. Avoid eating frozen food; frozen broccoli would not taste as fresh and would not have the same nutritional value as fresh broccoli. Remember that food's nutritious content is also altered by freezing and canning. However, these procedures would not have a significant impact on fibre.
Foods Made From Animal vs Plant Sources
Food from animals often have a higher vitamin and mineral bioavailability than plants. For instance, eating meat would result in your body absorbing more iron than eating a similar amount of plant-based diet.
Be Aware Of Your Tolerance
If you cannot absorb nutrients due to undiagnosed food intolerance, nutrients would not be useful. All people may find it challenging to digest raw meals, even though they have many health benefits.

Consider an elimination diet to determine what your body cannot tolerate if you experience GI symptoms like bloating, gas, or trouble passing stools. Speak with a healthcare provider or seek medical assistance if necessary. Once you stop eating the items that make you feel bad, you can improve your nutrient intake.
The process of seed sprouting, is called germination. You can let the seeds soak in water all night. The seeds should be tied in a loose cotton cloth or bag and hung after being removed from the water the following day. Within 6 to 8 hours, you should start to see sprouts grow if you twice or three times a day sprinkle water over the hung beans.

This procedure contributes to improving the nutritional content of food. A traditional no-heat technique achieves increased nutritional bioavailability in pulses and cereals. Additionally, it facilitates digestion, lowers anti-nutrients, increases free amino acids and carbohydrates, and enhances general functionality.
The Bottom Line
Finally, we can affirm that there are numerous strategies for maximising the nutritional content of foods. Did you realise that even dark chocolate has a lot of nutrients? Smart eating and moderation are key!

Making these minor adjustments to how you eat can greatly impact your health while benefiting you. You can lower your chance of developing various problems and illnesses by appropriately eating nutrient-dense food. Use these suggestions and observe the difference for yourself!

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