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Health Benefits Of Flaxseeds

The primary reason flaxseeds are ingested is to obtain adequate quantities of fibre and good fats, which are beneficial to one's general health.

People who are trying to lose weight will find that flaxseeds are a really helpful food to consume because they include a lot of nutrients that assist them do so while also being quite filling.

Egypt was the main producer of flaxseeds. The seeds taste nutty and crisp.

Raw flaxseeds are considered to have poisons that are eliminated by roasting.

It can be added in several ways to increase nutrition.
Nutrition Of Flax Seeds
Calories per 100g of flax seeds.

Calories-534 kcal
Potassium-813 mg
Sodium-30 mg
Flaxseeds Benefit Health
1. Regulates Diabetes Blood Sugar
Flaxseed decreases blood sugar, according to NCBI studies.

Flaxseeds include a type of fibre similar to a gel, which helps to control the amount of glucose in the blood and stops it from reaching dangerously high levels.

Eating flaxseeds may also delay diabetes mellitus, according to preliminary research. SDG minimises the risk of medical disorders like type 1 diabetes.
2. May Prevent Cancer
The omega-3 fatty acid found in flaxseeds has anti-inflammatory qualities, which help enhance immunity and combat cancer-producing cells. Flaxseeds are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds fight cancer with ligans.

ALA in seeds reduces pro-inflammatory chemicals.
3. Improve Digestion
The high concentration of fibre found in flaxseed helps prevent constipation by increasing the volume of stool and protects the lining of the digestive tract by lowering inflammatory responses and easing symptoms of the condition.
4. Weight Loss
The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) conducted a study that found that omega-3 may reduce feelings of hunger and increase feelings of fullness, which may contribute to weight loss. Lignans boost metabolism and burn fat faster, resulting in weight loss.

Flaxseeds also promote fat excretion, reducing body fat. Weight loss may result.
5. Reduce Heart Disease And Hypertension
Flaxseed decreases blood pressure, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce triglycerides and LDL, and enhance HDL.
6. Pregnancy-Friendly
The use of flaxseeds during pregnancy is recommended since these seeds are a good source of calcium, iron, and other essential elements necessary for maintaining a healthy body for the mother and the unborn child. Flaxseed fibre relieves constipation.
7. Hot Flash Reduction In Women
A diet that included flaxseed significantly cut the number of hot flashes that menopausal women experienced by 57%, according to research.

Although women experiencing postmenopausal symptoms should seek correct assistance from their doctor and dietitian before consuming flaxseeds, flaxseeds are beneficial for these symptoms.
Recipes For Flaxseed
1. Flax Seed Raita

Flaxseeds- 1 tbsp
Curd- 100gm beaten
Black salt- for taste
Sugar- 1/8 tsp
Mint leaves chopped- 3-4
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds powder- tsp
Grated bottle gourd- cup
1. Preheat a pan over medium heat. Add the grated bottle gourd and a quarter cup of water and cook the grated bottle gourd until the water has evaporated.

2. Using a second bowl, add the curd that has been beaten, the black salt, the salt, the cumin seeds powder, the chopped mint leaves, and the sugar, and mix all of these ingredients thoroughly. Add a cooked gourd bottle.

3. Allow it to cool, and then sprinkle some flax seeds before serving.
2. Flaxseed Shake

Flaxseeds- 1.5 tbsp
Chopped banana and strawberry- cup
Almond milk- 1 cup
Sugar/honey- 1 tsp
1. Grind the flaxseeds into a powder, add the almond milk, sugar/honey, and continue blending until smooth.

2. Next, add the strawberry and banana that have been roughly chopped, and combine the ingredients until they are completely smooth. Refrigerate.
3. Garlic And Flaxseed Chutney Ingredients

Flaxseeds- 1/3 cup
Garlic cloves- 5-6 cloves
Salt for taste
Lemon juice- tsp
Dry red chilli- 2 big
Cumin seeds- roughly crushed tsp
In a mixer, roughly chop the garlic, add the red chilli, flaxseeds, salt, lemon juice, and cumin seeds, and then blend again until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

If you put it in a jar that seals tightly, you should be able to keep this chutney for approximately a week.
Dietitian Advice
Flaxseeds help hair. They contribute to the improvement of the hair's elasticity and a reduction in the amount of hair that is lost. Flaxseeds include omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent the indications of ageing and maintain the skin hydrated and youthful by minimising the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it prevents skin problems such as wrinkles, spots, and other imperfections from appearing. Try sprinkling some ground flaxseed over the top to add a satisfying crunch to salads. In addition, you can use it as a source of fibre by spreading it over toast with peanut butter.

The Bottom Line
The consumption of flaxseeds is beneficial in treating various diseases and conditions, including diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and other cardiovascular difficulties. Incorporating flax seeds into one's diet benefits one's overall health and the body's ability to perform its functions.


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