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The 3 E’s Behind Customer Loyalty

Learn the 3 E’s behind customer loyalty. It’s important for customers to admire your brand in order to be loyal to it so brands need to know how to make customers trust, love and respect your brand.

Research has shown that brands with high customer loyalty implement ways to attract and offer value to their customers. It’s no secret that the pandemic has drastically shifted customer needs and wants. While the pandemic has also brought on supply chain challenges across the globe, issues like social injustice, climate change and others have stuck around since before the pandemic.

So in rising market uncertainty and constantly shifting market needs, brands are struggling to find a way to stay relevant to their customers. Research shows that brand admiration is the key.

Rapid digital acceleration, coupled with the global pandemic, has dramatically shifted customer expectations and needs in recent years. These changes exist amid a backdrop of global supply chain problems, concerns about how companies are responding to social injustice and climate change, and growing distrust of major social institutions. This dizzying array of shifts has left companies, executives, and marketers searching for insights as to how brands can withstand and thrive through periods of uncertainty. What North Star concept can marketers follow to navigate these challenging times?

For over a decade, we’ve been gathering empirical evidence on how brands create resonance with customers. In this article, we’ll examine one such North Star for marketers — brand admiration — up close, including why it’s critical to brand health and how companies can harness it to withstand the challenges of the current and future business environment.

Data shows that trust is declining across the globe, and customers may lack trust in certain social institutions or societal leaders. But when it comes to brands, some evoke feelings of love, trust, and respect: Customers have come to admire these brands and view them as essential and indispensable to their lives. Positive emotions like gratification from brand usage and pride from brand ownership generate a tight link between the brand and customers. Brand trust, love, and respect don’t just give meaning to customers’ lives; they also create a safe haven where things seem right with the world, especially in turbulent times.


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