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Importance Of Diet In Yog Sadhana

Healthy diet

What is the Importance of Diet in Yog Sadhana?

Diet has been given of utmost importance during yoga sadhana. "Annam Brahman"- Food is Brahman (divinely) according to our old Scriptures. Every food upon digestion provides energy in three forms, namely - Macro, Micro & Subtle. The Energy of food at the Macro level largely helps nourish & building up the physical body. The energy of the food at micro levels nourishes your organ, systems, blood & flesh. The subtle energy provides nourishment to the Mind.

Food & our Digestion is considered very sacred as per yogic traditions. Our digestive juices are like this transformational fire that turns food into the flesh of our own body. Hence, it's very important to be mindful about what and how are we eating as that literally shapes our body & mind.

Our entire universe, including food, has these three types of energy: Sattva, Rajas & Tamas. Every food has got these energies within us and depending upon what kind of food we eat, we can regulate these energies within us to a large extent. Hence, it's important to understand the energy of the food that we are consuming.

Describing a few of the Qualities of the Three Gunas (quality)

1. Sattva: Light, Pure, warm & easy to digest It gives more energy than what it consumes Sattva Food Examples: Fresh Fruit & vegetables, Khichadi, freshly cooked warm meals, moong dal, etc.

2. Rajas: Heavy, hot & a little heavy to digest, consumes equal energy as it gives. Rajas Food Examples: Oily, deep-fried, too spicy food, etc.

3. Tamas: Cold, very heavy to digest & takes a lot of energy (energy taking), non-veg food Access to Ayurveda & Yogic Science, the ratio of foods should be as follows : Saatvik : Rajasik : Tamasik 70: 20: 10 Each guna has very different effects on our Mind, thoughts & Body. While performing Asanas, it's important to have light but high vegetarian prana food. Non Vegetarian foods are of tamasic & Rajasik Quality and hence we avoid non-vegetarian diets esp if we are doing yoga sadhana.

What kind of Meal do we follow here?

At Sanskar Yogashala, we follow sattvik vegetarian 3 meal schedule that provides the students with enough energy as well as they feel light & healthier as well.
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At Sanskar Yogashala we don't just take care about the type of food, but also practice mindful eating. Just having sattvik healthy food isn't enough, we also need to be mindful about how are we consuming the food.

Mindful Eating:

Are we consuming our meals while we are angry or sad Or stressed? If yes, then there are higher chances that the food will not be able to digest well as our digestive system tends to shut down while we are under any kind of stress. It's our body's natural coping mechanism to close down our digestive system when we are sad Or angry or stressed. Hence, it's important to be fully present and at peace while we have our meals. The ritual of sitting in silence for a few minutes while having food & reciting a prayer before food helps us to ground ourselves as well as connect ourselves with the food that we are going to eat.
A true Practitioner will always be very mindful of everything that he/she consumes because It or knows that each morsel of the food consumed is becoming a part of them. All the food and drinks we have either give your energy or take away energy. The choice is always there present with us.

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