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Three Athlete Sports Engage with CBD Hemp Flower

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“Three athlete sports engage with CBD hemp flower because it is legal, but even more it is effective with injuries and to strengthen against injuries.”
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Why do three athlete sports engage with CBD hemp flower?
• Combat Sports
• The Racing Sport
• The Boxing Sport
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Training for combat sports athletes is necessary to increase performance, but it opens the athlete to physical trauma and prolonged wear and tear on their body. Those things can lead to a great deal of pain as well. In order to continue performing on a high level, athletes turn to over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and sometimes opioid addiction follows for severe injuries. But now they can turn to CBD hemp flower products to protect and strengthen to prevent injuries.

Three Athlete Sports Engage with CBD Hemp Flower – Combat Sports
• Training -- Combat athletes typically train in more than one discipline. MMA is very popular since the sport allows a combination of most fighting styles. The combat sport athlete routine of training is to strengthen and condition 4 to 5 times a week as well as to drill concepts and random sparring times.

• Post-Workout Recovery -- One of the top reasons combat sport athletes use CBD products is that it is an anti-inflammatory agent and has a great track record to alleviating strains and muscle exhaustion in post-workouts. Particularly beneficial are the CBD cream topicals to relieve pain in over-stressed tendons and muscles, aches and various sore spots.

• Relieves Anxiety and Stress -- The athlete can put in a perfect training program, but the unknown is stressful. It can promulgate physiological responses of chest tightness, irritability, shortness of breath, and difficulty sleeping. CBD and all the other natural compounds in the hemp flower are commonly reported to improve relaxation and provide better quality of sleep with one dose in the morning or dividing it into micro-dosing throughout the day.

Three Athlete Sports Engage with CBD Hemp Flower – The Racing Sport

CBD for Stresses in the Body -- There are various ways that racing stresses the body. First the rigorous training is stressful on the body structure as well as muscles and tendons, not to speak of the mental stress and focus needed. And this takes place every day for many hours to prepare for the big competition. When CBD hemp flower goes racing, it strengthens the muscles and tendons so that there is less likelihood of an injury ensuing with the extreme training required. CBD hemp flower may not be commonly used for acute pain as much as chronic pain but it can still alleviate the possibilities of injuring a joint or tenon, etc.

Dosage Challenges -- Start with a small dosage but 20 – 30 mg per 150 lbs is a recommended dosage. Adjust your dosage as necessary and also consider micro-dosing or splitting the dosage into 4 or 5 doses through the day rather than a single dose in the AM. CBD-infused lotions and salves may work best on muscles and tendons, etc particularly post-race to quiet the cramps and sheer exhaustion in them. However, it can also be a benefit before a racing event.

Three Athlete Sports Engage with CBD Hemp Flower – The Boxing Sport
Boxers turn to CBD hemp flower because it helps specific areas of their training and boxing games. Boxers have also reported that it has eased anxiety before games. MMA banned CBD in MMA was banned by USADA up until recently. However, now fighters in the UFC are allowed to use CBD before, during and after competition. CBD may have.03% THC or less but more than likely will not show on drug test.

Pain and Inflammation Relief -- Boxers get hit in the face as well as other places on their body which can lead to pain and inflammation. Boxers turn to CBD hemp flower to reduce pain and recover after a fight even though they are known for having an extremely high pain tolerance. It is important that they have a “healthy recovery” from repeated tough training sessions and boxing challenges in the ring. CBD hemp flower works well to wind down after training session and that in itself helps to bring a more healing recovery and reduces pain.

Helps Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) -- Some research that indicates CBD might have neurogenerative properties. For this reason, boxers turn to CBD hemp flower to help protect them from suffering from TBI. Even after a career of boxing, the professional athlete will have sustained many concussions. As a result, they could develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a severe form of TBI. CBD is act as a neuroprotective agent and boxers are reporting a reversal of TBI after dosing with CBD as it helps to re-create lost brain cells.

The Bottom Line
CBD can be taken in a variety of forms, including CBD oil capsules, gummies(1), dry vape, or smoking the CBD hemp flower(2) and CBD topicals(3). CBD gummies are particularly popular because of the convenience of them with athletes. A CBD hemp flower smoke could be the thing to relax a weary athlete a competition event

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