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Dr. Strains CBD "University"- Hemp Flower Under the Microscope

D8 Flower -

“Hemp flower under the microscope shows us beauty, savors and bioavailability that are real and the lists are getting longer.”
The May Flowers of Dr. Strains CBD Specials
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• The Beauty Factor
• The Savors Factor
• The Bioavailability Factor
• Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”
Hemp Flower Under the Microscope -- The Beauty Factor
The beauty of the hemp flower nug is part of what draws someone to buying one over the other. It should not be the only thing but do give the first impression. Dr. Strains CBD buys their hemp flower inventory from small farms that engage in hands on with every aspect of the growing process. When you put the hemp flower under a microscope, you see when it is hand trimmed with care and precision.

Hemp flower under the microscope looks at the trichome crystals that cover a flower are beautiful but they have health benefits because many of the terpenes are stored in those beautiful crystals. The hemp flower nugs are all sizes as you will see in the Dr. Strains CBD inventory. However, just because one is large and another small is more about genetics of that particular strain rather than less or more beauty.

Hemp Flower Under the Microscope -- Savors
CBD is the cannabinoid with no psychoactive side effects compared to THC. All hemp products are required to have 0.3% or less THC and with that amount you will not get a high. Smoking hemp flower is the most natural way to consume hemp. Each of the terpenes have their own impact on your health conditions, just like they each one have a different savor as well.

Hemp flower under the microscope shows how the terpenes can effectively control your CBD experience and there are thousands of terpenes in our world with significant tastes and aromas. Below are short descriptions of four more dominant terpenes that can be found in cannabis and of course in hemp as well:

• Alpha-Humelene – This is the terpene that exhibits the same healing abilities as sage, ginseng, and ginger. It is an appetite suppressant as well.
• Caryophyllene -- This hemp terpene has the ability to regulate many physiological processes. For the savors of this terpene, it has a peppery flavor with a hint of citrus.
• Linalool – This terpene is most known for its dominance in lavender aroma along with a floral aroma with overtones of spice. It also acts as a sleep aid and is used for anti-anxiety treatment. Interestingly enough, linalool is with cellular regeneration and healthy body functions, an effective anti-convulsant and anti-inflammatory.
• Limonene – This terpene is preferred for hemp face wash solutions. This is another terpene with natural antibiotic properties. When smoking CBD hemp flower with this terpene, the user will experience a lift in mood. Some savors include a citrusy scent.
• Myrcene – This terpene has the unique ability to improve blood circulation and an effective anti-inflammatory. It has also proven to be a sedative and antispasmodic for many. Interestingly enough, it is one of the terpenes considered to act as an antibiotic.

Hemp Flower Under the Microscope – Bioavailability Factor
Bioavailability is about two things – the potency of what you consume, smoke or vape and the method you consume, smoke or vape. So, when you are purchasing your CBD product, it is important to be attentive to the potency. Ask for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of the product to confirm its potency.

Hemp flower under the microscope explains the 1st Pass. The 1st pass effect or 1st pass metabolism refers to drug metabolism if that drug is consumed orally. This also applies to CBD consumption even though not referred to as a drug. When CBD is consumed orally, its potency is greatly reduced before it reaches your systemic circulation. Part of the potency is lost during the digestive system process and part is absorbed in the liver and gut wall.

When a drug is swallowed, it is absorbed by the digestive system then through the hepatic portal and is carried through the portal vein to the liver. With some drugs, by the time it leaves the liver, there is only a small amount of the potency remaining. Where CBD does its work is when it reaches your circulatory system and meets up with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The 1st pass through the liver in any case greatly reduces the bioavailability of the drug or in this incidence we are talking about CBD.

Methods of consumption are smoking, vaporization, oromucusal, and others. The averages for CBD bioavailability by method of administration are as follows:

• 6% – 15% for oral (swallowed and digested by the GI system)
• 35% for oromucosal (absorbed directly through the mouth)
• 40% for vaporized (absorbed through the lungs)

Hemp flower under the microscope suggests the dosage of CBD should follow the old adage “start low, go slow” not because there is the risk of overdose but because it is best to be accurate. Experts recommend a dose of 5 to 10 mg daily if you are dosing with a tincture and increase it as you feel you need.


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Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”
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