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Is Growing Weed Easy For Everyone?

Call it by any other name Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed, they all mean to give you relief and enjoyment. In other words, it has to provide the outcomes you seek. The only thing is that you should know how to pick your strain. After you pick your favorite seed strain, you should know about the growing conditions.

Weed strains are available in three main types - Indica for relaxation, couch lock, deep slumber, and physical sedation; Sativa for uplifting, energy, alertness, physical activity for social gathering, Hybrid for combination effects, and Ruderalis.

How to grow your weed

You have so many options in choosing seeds, for example, Autoflowering, feminized, and regular. You can grow your plant indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse.

Here are some factors to consider for planting your weed strain according to your needs and preferences.

1 – Choose your cannabis seed – choose your Indica, Sativa, hybrid, or Ruderalis. The choice becomes easy if you know about the results you seek, for example, recreational, or medical benefits.

2 – Setting the weed basics – consider the growing factors like the medium, light, air water, temperature, nutrients, and the humidity. These conditions ensure a rich harvest

3 – Indoor growing - growing cupboards or chambers, and lighting features need to be efficient enough to produce the right yields.

4 – Germination – you have to provide the right germinating condition so that the seeds sprout and grow into rich bud yielding plants.

5 – The vegetative part -You can plant your seeds in two or three setting like the indoor, outdoors, and green house. For indoors, you need to provide the right conditions for a rich yield.

In the outdoors, you need to plant according to the season, usually September to October.

6 - The flowering time – the blooming time depends upon the strain you choose. Indicas grow faster while Sativa may take a little more time to form resin-rich buds.

7 – Harvesting – when the buds change color, from white to amber, it’s time to harvest.


Growing weed can be an enjoyable experience if you know some rules of growing. Connect with Homegrown Cannabis Co to learn more.


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