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8 Hair Care Tips for Summer

Just a few weeks of the season, and your hair might look dull, frizzy, damaged, sticky, sweaty and unmanageable. Do you know why? Dermatology covers both skin and hair, which also means that just like the scorching summer heat may cause damage to your skin, it may cause damage to your hair too. Chlorine and saltwater further add to the disaster, which also needs to be taken care of. If you have coloured your hair or opted for highlights or lowlights, the damage is even worse. Coloured hair start looking brassy, bleached and faded in summers.

Well, this calls for a proper hair care routine to follow through the summers to save your tresses from the possible sun damage. Dryness of hair due to harsh UV radiation is another serious problem that requires a disciplined hair care routine in summers. Having the best hair salon services by your side helps you a lot to survive Dubai summers with a great-looking hair.

Here're some quick tips to help you get going with the perfect hair care during prolonged Dubai summers.

1. Go get a quick trim at the best ladies hair salon in Dubai
The first step you’d want to take is to get rid of those split ends and revamp the style and look of your hair.

2. Try out loose yet comfortable hair styling
Make sure you’re comfortable with the styling of hair whenever you go out in summers. We suggest avoiding any complex hairstyle or tightly pinned strands to prevent sweating, itching and stickiness.

3. Make sure you cover up your hair whenever you out in the sun
Heat, dust and humidity all play a spoilsport to your hair during summers. Always guard your hair from the sun and the accompanying UV radiation. Scalp also needs to be shielded from the scorching heat.

4. Wash hair less frequently so as to maintain natural scalp oil
If you’re one of those who like to wash hair daily during summers, you might want to spot doing that now onwards. Daily hair wash takes out all the moisture and natural oil from your hair and scalp, which is certainly not beneficial for you.

5. A good hair spa once a month or a DIY hair mask every week work excellent in summers
There is a variety of traditional DIY hair masks or branded ones as well to keep your hair looking great. While this can be done on weekends, a fantastic hair spa once every month is also not a bad idea!

6. Avoid heat treatments like hair straightening and blow drying
Give your hair a summer break from all those hot tools – straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron and the likes.

7. Go frizz-free with natural effective conditioners like lukewarm coconut oil
Moisturisation is the key. Nothing works like warm coconut oil when it comes to combat frizzy hair. The market also has a lot of anti-frizz serums and oils.

8. Look out for hair conditioning products infused with sunscreen
Pick moisturising hair wash and conditioning products in summers. Let the shampoo moisturise your tresses along with washing off the dirt, sweat and grime, and conditioner nourish them with an added benefit of UV and sun protection.

Being the best hair salon in Dubai, Mirrors Beauty Lounge offers a complete summer hair care package and of course a variety of hair care services throughout the year.


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