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Cancers Of Cervix And Breast

Cervix cancer spreads to the genitals through a virus, while abnormal gene mutations in the breast result in uncontrolled cell growth in the breast.

Due to the nature of the cancerous disease, if left untreated, abnormal growth spreads to other parts of the body, affecting their functioning. Let us try to understand how women can see these deadly diseases, their early symptoms and stop the screening process.
Breast Cancer
The Symptoms

Although cancer doesn’t show any symptoms to the patient in the early stages, the first noticeable one is a lump or growth in the breast. A mammogram of the chest can, however, detect every growth even before the patient can feel them.

Following are the most common indications of cancer, though they can be non-cancerous too.

A local lump or thickening that seems new
Persistent pain in the breast or armpit
An inverted, disfigured nipple
Nipple discharge, maybe blood
Nipple rash
A change in size or shape of a breast
Skin problems on the bust, such as scaling, flaking, or peeling
Cancer is a gene mutation and studies have shown that the abnormality can get carried over generations. If your blood relatives mother, grandmother or sister, etc have had the disease it puts you in the high-risk bracket. Regular screening is mandatory. However, it doesn’t mean you will get it.

Hormones exposure

Women who have taken hormonal supplements around pregnancy or menopause are at high risk.


Drinking every day makes the breast tissue thicker and increases the risk of malignancy. Additionally, the thick tissue makes it difficult to detect in tests. If you have a family history as well, consult your doctor about how much you can safely drink.

Late Menopause and Early Menses

It is related to hormones only. Early start of periods ( at 11 or 12 years) and late stopping of periods ( menopause) both raise the risk.

Late Pregnancy

Never getting pregnant/ delivering or Getting pregnant after 35 puts the mother in the high-risk category.

Breast Implants

Synthetic breast implants make it difficult to notice abnormalities. Also, the growth does not become visible in mammograms. Though it does not cause malignancy, because of late detection, causes more fatalities.

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