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Eating Healthy to Boost your Immune

A healthy body needs a Healthy Immune system so that your body can prevent you from many diseases, flu cold, and many more others. There are some foods like organic fruit and veg from the local grocery store that helps you to boost your immune system and keeps your body healthy.
Best 5 Organic fruits and vegetables for boosting your immune:
1, Broccoli - According to the research, Broccoli is highly nutrients foods and packed with vitamins and minerals that include Vitamin C, A, E, and fiber, which does not only help you to boost your immune but also helps your body to keep healthy.
2. Lemons - lemons contain VItamin C, Fiber, minerals, and other factors. Lemons considered the best food for boosting the immune system and have antiviral and antibacterial properties in it. We can drink lemon juice for weight loss too.
3. Strawberries - People like strawberries for their taste but do you know strawberries contain Vitamin C and antioxidants in it which helps to fight with free radicals and helps in boosting the immune.
4. Tomatoes - Tomatoes contains Vitamin C which helps in fighting with cold and flu and best for the cold season. Tomatoes help in healing the tissues of bones and blood vessels which is good for boosting the immune system.
5. Spinach - Spinach is leafy green vegetables that are packed with all benefits nutrients that are good for our overall health but it also contains vitamin C that helps in boosting the immune system. It helps in preventing cold and reduce the risk of sickness

There are more other vegetables that help to boost our immune system such as Citrus food because they contain a high source of Vitamin C that is more beneficial for our immune system. Immune-boosting foods to get you through cold and flu seasons and keeps you healthy.


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