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Comparing Steel vs Plastic Glovebox Systems For Your Lab

In the laboratory, the glove boxes are crucial devices which are primarily used to ensure the safety of both the lab worker and samples they work with. These glove boxes are secured, sealed and closed container boxes with openings on both the sides and have attached gloves on them. These openings are present either on opposite sides or even on the same side. These gloves will let the worker easily access the inside and work in the isolated environment. In this small article, you will be learning about the essential differences between steel and plastic gloveboxes.

There several types of gloveboxes used in laboratories and one must choose a glove box depending upon their specific requirements in the lab. This will ensure that the glove box is used in a productive manner and your investment is not wasted. You should discuss with your supplier about the specific requirements and demands which you have in your lab so that you can buy the glove box which will best suit your purpose. A good supplier will always offer you sound advice regarding the choice of your lab equipment, so trust your supplier.

Stainless Steel Glove box:

Stainless steel gloveboxes are specifically designed in order to lessen the amount of leakage during any process of vacuum cycling inside the glovebox.
The steel glove boxes will help to lessen contamination and are also resistant to corrosion.

The steel gloveboxes can support vacuum levels of up to 8 percent of mercury.
These gloveboxes have air lock facilities on the right side.

These gloveboxes would provide clean and safe air tight environment which are tightly controlled and may be useful in several different processes of manufacturing.
These glove boxes have diameter ports of ten inches that allow the worker to have a better range of motion.

The glove boxes will be able to easily and efficiently remove all oxygen and then replace that with the inert gases.

There are also some special oxygen monitoring analysers which can help in reducing the oxygen level to a minimum.

Plastic Glove Box:
The plastic gloveboxes are generally used in the manipulation of different objects, substances and samples. These gloveboxes help in simulating various environments where it will be impossible for the lab worker to establish a direct and physical contact with any of the samples within the test environment. The plastic glove boxes are used in several different industries like in the semiconductor and material sciences labs. They are useful in most applications where you are not allowed to indulge in the manual handling of the samples and material analysis needs to be done in unusual environments.

You can get both plastic and stainless steel glove boxes from both online and offline suppliers. Depending upon the specific usage you are looking for you should get the glove box which fits your requirements. Online suppliers will offer you better deals and discounted prices. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the right glove box with the information mentioned in this article.

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