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How to use Yoga for Weight Loss?

Yoga is known to be an ancient exercise form of exercise. Many fitness experts regard it as a holistic package that helps you to cleanse as well as rejuvenate your body from inside out. When you practice it as a daily activity, it is sure to offer you some brilliant health-related outputs. It also helps you combat certain metabolic disorders like cancer, diabetes, etc. However, for getting the best possible results, you will have to go for personalized diet plans plus fitness regimes.

Here are some top ways to use yoga for weight loss:

Here, you will have to go to the mountain pose. It is then followed by the act of stretching one leg back. The other leg needs to be forming a position that is like a lunge. Try to do it with your knee that should be positioned at a right angle. In the meanwhile, your hands need to be stretched above your head. Further, you can move on to virabhadrasana II that is also known as warrior pose 2. Here, you need to bring the hands in front of your chest. Then, you will have to get your stretched leg in a straight position. Now, point it outwards. Simultaneously, the other leg should continue to be at a right angle plus your arms need to be stretched out properly. Keep in mind that this warrior poses usually work on your legs, back, thighs plus arms. It leads to the enhancement of blood circulation.

Surya Namaskar
This is one of the most basic and popular asanas and thus, it is practiced widely. It actually takes the form of sun salutation. It involves certain different yoga poses that highly focus on different body parts. Surya namaskar is a good option for your body since it consists of twelve poses that are different from one another. Some of the most common poses are basic prayer pose, bhujangasana that is the cobra pose, forward bend, etc.

As per different experts, suryanamaskar is a good way to keep up with your activity levels. Since this one helps in exercising every part of your body, it is important. It boosts the strength of your skeletal system that includes ligaments. Also, it assists a good deal when it comes to reducing the stress level as well as anxiety level.

The boat pose
Here, you are required to lie down on your back. Then, you need to get into a V-shaped position that resembles a boat. You can hold the position for 10 seconds. Eventually, you can heighten the bar on a daily basis. Your stomach muscles will need to work a good deal here. Thus, it helps get rid of your belly fat.

Here, you need to start with a wide-legged stance. Try to turn the right foot out. Then, you need to stretch your arms out. You can widen open by pushing your waistline’s right side over the right leg. Holding this position, you need to go down slowly. Also, you will have to face downwards keeping a flat back. Your right palm should be on the ground. You can also consider keeping it behind your right foot or in front of it. Similarly, you can repeat the other side. This specific asana works well on every side of your body, thighs as well as arms.

This is not an easy asana to start with. It works well on your shoulders, back, arms, wrists and several other muscles. Additionally, it also works on your body’s respiratory system. It strengthens your body core. It mainly works on your legs and inner thigh muscles plus your hips. You need to sit with your legs stretched and then put your hands behind the hips such that it points towards your feet. Make sure to point your feet. Do prepare your body for rising up. Make sure to raise your body right from the tailbone. Now, pull your head back.

Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
A bridge pose is a smart option when you are suffering from the thyroid, too much weight and glutes. It can be said that it works wonderfully for weight loss. You need to put effort to reach your chest toward your chin. This very action gently massages your thyroid gland that leads to the generation of the metabolism-regulating hormone that is a vital one.

Make sure to press down with your feet. This gets your thighs engaged. Thus, it leads to the toning of your body muscles as well. Do practice Bridge daily if you wish to get your abdominal organs stimulated. This also takes care of your digestion system.

Twisted Chair (ParivrttaUtkatasana)
This is almost like a squat. However, it is more intense. It mainly works the quads, the abs and the glutes. The twisting also strengthens the functioning of your digestive system as well asyour lymph system. When all of the moves are combined, it helps you lose weight.

The bridge pose
In this pose, you need to lie down on the back. Here, your hands need to be stretched sideways. You would also have to fold your knees and spread them out. Then, do raise your body right up. You can take the support from your hands, keeping up with the same position. This pose helps you shape up your hips, stomach, thighs etc.

Exercise is vital for your own well-being. In order to keep up with your health, do daily exercise. Indulge in physical activity, no matter what.

Go for the right diet
It is good to follow a yogic diet when you are doing yoga. The diet comprises of fresh plus organic produce. Here, you need to restrict having spices as well as processed food. You basically need to include food that is home-cooked. Include fruits plus vegetables on a daily basis. Make sure to look into the amount of food you consume in a meal. You can portion-controlled eating. Make sure to maintain a strict diet.


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