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Tinnitus Treatment And Cure

My struggle with Tinnitus and the many related aches and pains that surround the condition dates back many years. In fact, I have struggled with Tinnitus for most of my adult life, and even back into my teen years as well. As a little background information, Tinnitus is not a disease but rather a condition that can be caused from a variety of underlying causes or diseases such as nerve damage, neurological damage, ear infections and even foreign objects in the ear. Tinnitus has other causes as well, including withdrawal from certain types of medications, especially benzodiazepines. There are often other symptoms associated with tinnitus including some form of hearing loss, and general pain in and around the ears, including the primary symptom of tinnitus which is periodic or constant buzzing in the ears.
My battle with tinnitus started when I was 16 years old. It all started one night at a party where I was listening to music with my friends. One of my friends, whom I will call Rick had just purchased a new CD player complete with headphones and all the bells and whistles to go along with it. He had just purchased the latest AC/DC album and we were very excited to chill in his room and blast the music to enjoy our favorite band’s latest release. I put the headphones in my ears and turned the volume up as high as I could stand it. For hours I sat there listening to every song on the album, and then I replayed it again, all while the volume was cranked up to nearly the highest setting.

After all was said and done, and I had blasted my ears with ungodly amounts of sound for over three hours, I noticed I had quite a bit of ringing and a bit of pain in both of my ears. I just thought it was a temporary problem caused by the music being too loud, and I figured by morning my hearing and ears would be back to normal. Boy, was I wrong. The next morning I woke and the pain and ringing and felt in my ears was like nothing I had ever felt before. I knew something was wrong but I declined going to see a doctor, figuring the ringing and pain would resolve themselves in a couple of days. While I correct in the assumption that the pain and ringing would decrease in severity and intensity, it never fully went away.

For many years after my 16th birthday I struggled with tinnitus on nearly a daily basis. Some days I would wake up and have no symptoms at all, which I would consider a blessing. However, other days I would wake up and the pain would be so unbearable I almost felt like passing out. I never went to see a medical doctor because I didn’t have insurance, and I didn’t want to be sacked with thousands of dollars in medical bills, considering I was still in college and didn’t have much money to spare. All throughout my college years my tinnitus persisted. It gradually got less intense until it just became something that I had to put up with on a daily basis, although at this point it wasn’t causing much pain or discomfort, just a sense of annoyance.

Of course during my years of suffering I tried just about any type of cure I could get my hands on. I tried just about everything short of seeing an actual medical doctor to get a proper treatment plan. I visited my friend, who knew a lot about herbs and natural healing and using a holistic approach towards getting better. He gave me a concoction of herbs in a tea that I was supposed to drink every day. In addition to the tea tasting like rotten eggs, it did nothing to heal my tinnitus. I tried using sound therapy, playing many different types of sounds into my ears in the vain hope of my tinnitus symptoms getting better. I tried electrical stimulation machines and just about every different kind of OTC drug I could get my hands on, if I thought it would even reduce the pain or ringing by a miniscule amount.

Despite all my years of trying different treatments and therapies, nothing seemed to help. Until one day when I was 27 years old I woke up and a thought came into my head. I had been hearing about a particular product that was being advertised on the internet that claimed to heal tinnitus and all symptoms associated with it. Now I was as skeptical as they come, but considering the amount of pain I was in on a daily basis I decided to purchase the product in the hope it would afford some relief. After taking the product as described for three days, I started to notice the ringing and pain in my ears was subsiding. At first I thought it may be a fluke or a placebo, considering the vast number of products I had tried in the past that had no effect. However, day by day my symptoms got better and the pain got less and less noticeable, and the ringing in my ears was subsiding as well. 14 days after using the product I woke up, and for the first time in over 10 years I had no sign of pain or ringing in my ears whatsoever.

I was so happy I called all my friends, family and coworkers and told them the good news. Now, I was still skeptical and figured the symptoms would return like they usually did, but I was wrong. Every morning I can feel confident when I wake up because I can go through the day without suffering from the pain and ringing that normally comes with a diagnosis of tinnitus. If I hadn’t found this product I don’t know where I would be at in life right now – probably sitting in my bed wondering when my ears would get better.


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