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Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn: Physical Therapy Alleviates Common Work-Related Pain

Back pain is a common complaint from people of all ages, and work-related activities, such as sitting or lifting heavy items, can exacerbate this condition. A recent article posted by Deseret News asserts that physical therapy can actually provide relief from back pain. Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, concurs with the assertions of the article and explains how she has approached the treatment of work-related pain.

The article explains that workplace behaviors, such as sitting with improper posture for a long period of time, can lead to back pain. Additionally, lifting things improperly can cause stress to the joints and muscles in the back, as well as soft tissue damage. If this occurs, pain is bound to follow. Esther Smith, who is a physical therapist at Intermountain Orthopedic and Spine Therapy Clinic at Intermountain Medical Center, encourages individuals to seek physical therapy if they are experiencing pain in the neck or back. This form of treatment can help heal injuries, strengthen muscles, and teach patients how to maintain healthy posture throughout the day.

"I have developed, over my 35 years of practicing, a unique pelvic stabilization program that we utilize at Metro Physical Therapy," asserts Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional. "It helps patients with all types of chronic and acute back pain. I have worked with the Long Island Railroad to teach proper body mechanics as well as ergonomic positioning of seats on UPS trucks. I believe that correcting sitting and standing postures is one of the largest factors when it comes to treating the root cause of back pain."

Glasser-Mayrsohn encourages individuals to seek the assistance of a physical therapist if they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Oftentimes, she notes, the treatment techniques used in a physical therapy session can improve not only the intensity of pain that patients experience, but also their range of motion and, subsequently, quality of life. Work-related pain can be debilitating if it is not addressed properly, and physical therapists can assist individuals in treating the injuries or issues that are causing the pain and, ultimately, enhance their ability to enjoy their daily lives.


Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, opened Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy in 1982. Because of her dedication to the wellbeing of her patients, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, maintains a high standard of care that she offers to the individuals who need a wide range of physical therapy treatments. She is particularly dedicated to offering seniors in her area the treatment they require to age actively while improving their overall level of health and quality of life. Because of this, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, provides geriatric services pertaining to wellness, Pilates, yoga, fall prevention, balance training, tai chi, and more.

Glasser-Mayrsohn holds a bachelor of science in physical therapy from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Additionally, she holds a master of science in orthopedic physical therapy from The Institute of Graduate Health Sciences, in St. Augustine, Florida.



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