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Provider for Health Insurance in Georgia, McCart Insurance, Offers Tips to Avoid Contracting Mono on in the New Year

A quick smooch may seem harmless, but doctors will confirm, a smooch is nice but can have some negative consequences, like contracting mononucleosis. McCart Insurance encourages Georgia individual health insurance consumers to avoid these dreaded kissing diseases.

One way to avoid mononucleosis and many other infections is to wash your hands frequently. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with the virus, take thorough precautions. Wash your hands more often and disinfect any areas where that person might have been or touched. Make certain that you have current individual health insurance in Georgia just in case you do get sick. While mono is normally transmitted by saliva, it can still be transmitted through touch, particularly if saliva is spread to the hands. Try to limit touching your face to avoid exposure.

Also, avoid kissing. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, if you are someone you know has been diagnosed with mono, it is best if you not kiss. Mono is generally spread through kissing or drinking after someone, so keep your lips to yourself.

"Mono can be debilitating, and you can have recurring bouts through your life" states Alicia McCart, CEO of McCart Insurance, a Georgia individual health insurance group, specializing in Coventry health insurance plans. "If you think you have been exposed, see a doctor immediately."

Symptoms for mono will present up to 6 weeks after exposure, but once you see symptoms, you should visit your physician for treatment. Consumers with individual health insurance in Georgia should contact their physicians if they believe that they have been exposed. Many health insurance plans will cover the cost of visits and medication. Don't wait to see a physician.

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