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OrthoAtlanta Cautions, Tennis Can Be Injury Free

OrthoAtlanta, Atlanta orthopaedic surgeons, urge tennis players: use caution when playing matches.

Tennis matches are strenuous on the body, and Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta suggest making sure to properly stretch before and after a match to keep muscles flexible. Stretching can help keep the muscles from being damaged due to overuse, one of the leading causes for tears and strains in tennis players.

Tennis players should also cool down after the match. Cool down stretches help keep the muscles limber and avoid future injuries.

"Cold muscles can be lethal when hitting the court," states Dr. Michael Behr, Atlanta orthopaedic surgeon with OrthoAtlanta. "If a player hits the courts without warmed up muscles, he has increased his risk of injury significantly. Muscles need to be limber before activities."

Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta suggest developing a stretching program, through the advice of a physician or orthopaedic doctor at OrthoAtlanta to ensure that all major muscle groups and joints are properly stretched. Maintaining a strict stretching program can help keep players avoid future injuries as well as increase performance on the court.

Hydration is all essential while playing tennis. Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta encourage players to maintain proper hydration before, during and after the matches. Players should maintain a firm water schedule while participating in tennis, preferably 8 ounces every fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise.

Matches can be rigorous, but players who stretch and hydrate throughout their activities will have more success and can be pain-free, on and off the court. However, when accidents do occur, the team at OrthoAtlanta can help treat injuries and traumas and get players back on their feet in time for their next season.

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