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Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota: Toxins Released During Hurricane Sandy May Cause Health Complications

The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy is something that today's population--both those directly impacted by the super storm and those watching coverage around the world--will never forget. Unfortunately, the destruction of floods, fires, power outages, and other events is not the only damage that the northeastern region of the United States must face in the wake of this storm. Huffington Post reports that asbestos and other toxins released during the event pose a major risk to locals. Dr. James Martin of Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota agrees, explaining that environmental toxins are the cause of many medical concerns.

The article states: "With wind and water damage caused by Sandy compromising the integrity of homes, schools and other buildings along much of the East Coast, health experts warn of increased risks of exposure to a variety of environmental toxins. One of the most worrisome, they say, is asbestos. Much of the compromised construction materials, including roofing, piping and insulation, could contain the microscopic mineral fibers. And while a person generally can't see it, smell it or taste it, they can breathe it and ingest it--and the consequences can be severe."

Identified as a carcinogen, medical professionals have taught the importance of limiting exposure to asbestos for almost 100 years. The difficulty in determining just how asbestos will impact the population, Dr. Martin states, lies in the fact that many of the symptoms stemming from exposure to this substances do not develop until later in life.

"Disasters like Hurricane Sandy create a toxic soup made up of the many harmful substances that are released in their wake," asserts Dr. Martin of Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota. "These toxins can, over time, destroy a person's health. In most instances, the effects will not become evident for months and, sometimes, years after the disaster has taken place. Approximately 25 percent of the population is, due to genetic issues, highly vulnerable to the effects of toxins. Once a person starts experiencing medical concerns, there is usually no correlation between the symptoms and the toxins to which they were exposed. The most effective course of action for addressing the cause would be detoxification on a cellular level. Then, and only then, does the body have a chance to heal."

In his book, How Toxic Are You?, Dr. Martin explains the relationship between environmental toxins and the illnesses that they can cause. Dr. Martin encourages individuals who believe they may be exposed to asbestos to seek medical attention and try to limit further contact with the toxin.


Spearheaded by Dr. James Martin, Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota provides weight loss and detoxification solutions to clients nationwide. The professionals at Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota are committed to offering highly personalized, targeted plans that address the underlying issues that clients face. At Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota, weight loss and detoxification are paramount to a higher degree of wellbeing.


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