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Water Sports Injuries Don't Have To Drown A Good Time, Urges OrthoAtlanta

Chronic misuse and overuse of the major muscle groups can lead to serious damage if swimmers are not careful, urge the Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta.

Each year, there are nearly 150,000 water sports related injuries, most occurring to swimmers who overuse muscles. With swimmers, the most overused joint is the shoulder, which accounts for almost 60% of injuries treated.

Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta encourage swimmers to use caution when practicing or just playing, by including a good stretch before and after the activity.

Swimmers also report injuries to knees and groin muscles. The most common injury Atlanta orthopaedic surgeons at OrthoAtlanta see from swimmers is known as swimmer's knee, or sprains and tears to the MCL.

"It is a fallacy to believe that just because you are in water, your body doesn't need stretching," said Dr. Michael Behr, Atlanta orthopaedic surgeon with OrthoAtlanta. "It doesn't matter where you are, if you are exercising or playing a sport, you need to stretch to prevent injuries."

Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta suggest including jumping jacks, stationary running, recumbent bike, or walking in place for up to five minutes to warm up the body. Additional stretches can be included to ensure that muscles are limber and ready.

Atlanta orthopaedic doctors at OrthoAtlanta also urge that swimmers avoid diving into water, particularly if the depth is not known. Each year, about 1,000 serious back and neck injuries are reported to orthopaedic surgeons due to diving into shallow water.

Atlanta orthopaedics with OrthoAtlanta encourages swimmers and water sports enthusiasts to use caution when playing in water.

However, accidents will happen and the Atlanta orthopaedic surgeons at OrthoAtlanta are available to provide swimmers and water sports enthusiasts professional treatment to get them back in the water.

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