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Choosing a Liposuction Surgeon

There are a number of cosmetic and plastic surgeons who offer liposuction, a fact that can make choosing one seem a bit overwhelming. Your liposuction surgeon will play a decisive role in the final aesthetics of your procedure. He or she will also be responsible for your comfort and safety before during and after your procedure. Taking the time necessary to choose the best liposuction surgeon is one of the most effective ways to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Experience and Credentials
Your liposuction surgeon should have the experience necessary to provide you with a successful procedure. While liposuction is a relatively common cosmetic surgery procedure, it requires attention to detail to produce good looking results.

Your liposuction surgeon should be board-certified and have privileges to perform cosmetic surgery in local hospitals or surgical centers. Some plastic surgeons offer liposuction in their office. This is unsafe and can result in serious risks to your health.

Proven Results
If you know someone who has had liposuction, seeing what a cosmetic surgeon can accomplish is relatively easy. However, if you do not know someone who has undergone a body sculpting procedure, you will need to look elsewhere for proven results.

What a liposuction surgeon can accomplish should be accessible in his before and after gallery. If a cosmetic surgeon has no before and after pictures, you can request them during your initial consultation.

Personal Attention
Your liposuction surgeon should offer you his personal attention, enabling him to customize your procedure to meet your exact needs. Because each body is different, he should offer multiple liposuction techniques, allowing him to provide you with the most effective option.

Your initial consultation with a liposuction surgeon will give you an idea of the type of service he and his staff will offer. If you are not convinced, visit with other surgeons until you find one who you feel confident can provide you the service you deserve.

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