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Probably the Most Comprehensive Independent Consumer Test of Snoring Products Ever

4.000 people in Sweden with snoring problems responded on a request for 1.000 volunteers to test Asonor anti snoring solution.

The testers were instructed to use Asonor by following the instruction for use delivered as a part of the package. They all used the product for 1 month and afterwards a questionnaire was filled out for each tester including responses from eventual partners.

The main results from the test period (September month) are as follows:

- 77% of all testers have valuated the product positive or very positive
- 72% will continue buying the product, also after the testing period
- 77% will recommend the product to friends and family members also having a snoring problem
- 66% find Asonor more worth than the competitive products they used before the campaign

The elements attracting the testing group were:

- It is a nose spray easy to use
- It did not smell or taste at all
- Resulting in better sleep, more refreshed in the mornings
- Less headache and migraine
- Nose and throat were more relaxed without being dry
- The sleep gets a higher quality

Previously independent user test has rated Asonor as the best overall product and the best ratio of price/performance.

The user test was carried out on 7 different anti snoring products by an independent health magazine and included all available products in this category in the country.

The test was conducted on the following products:

- Silence, the mouth spray
- Zedopor, the mouth spray
- Snoreeze, the mouth spray
- Snorban, the mouthpiece
- Breathe Right, the nasal strips
- Tempur, the pillows
- Asonor, the nasal spray

Asonor anti-snoring solution is registered and now approved as an OTC product by the health authorities in nearly 50 countries around the globe. Asonor is registered and approved based on its documented effect and documented safety properties.

In Europe Asonor is classified and registered as Medical Device according to the COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993, concerning medical devices. Similar registration is reached in the other regions.

TannerMedico manufacture and internationally distribute Asonor snore relief. Asonor is one of the world's leading products in snore treatment, studied and clinically proven in London and Copenhagen. Read also the latest news about sleep apnea and sleep disorders on For further information, please contact us at


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