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Mental Health Professional Answers Questions About Childhood Trauma

Jennifer De Francisco, a licensed social worker and experienced marriage therapist, regularly counsels with those whose lives are being affected by childhood trauma and events. She seeks to help adults understand the trauma of their past experiences and to turn over a new leaf in their lives. To help those impacted by the events in their childhood, De Francisco provides answers to common questions people may have about childhood trauma.

Why does childhood trauma continue to affect adults?
Recent scientific research indicates that childhood trauma may disrupt brain development, altering the normal structure and function of the brain during these critical formative years. While these effects may not be easy to overcome, they can be worked through and there is still hope for those that are willing to put in the time and effort.

What adult problems can result from childhood trauma?
Everyone reacts to childhood trauma differently, but research indicates an increased risk for a variety of problems including: hepatitis, depression, suicide, smoking, domestic violence, alcoholism and others.

How can people determine their level of exposure to trauma during childhood?
One of the most useful tools in working with childhood trauma is a test known as the Adverse Childhood Experiences Inventory, or the ACE. This test is comprised of a few questions that look at childhood events and feelings.

What can you do about childhood trauma?
If someone has been a victim of childhood trauma, one of the best solutions is therapy. Overcoming these problems won't be easy, but much can be done. The therapeutic process can help adults learn new positive behaviors while working through feelings of guilt, anger and shame.

Childhood trauma can have a lasting impact on the lives of adults, but there is hope. Thousands of licensed therapists like Jennifer De Francisco work with patients every day helping them to overcome past hurt and lead happier lives.

About Jennifer De Francisco
Jennifer De Francisco MPA, MSW, LCSW wants to help people overcome their problems. She specializes in helping Newport Beach couples who have hit a crisis point in their lives and relationships. De Francisco offers a unique approach custom tailored to the needs of each client. Her years of experience and training have helped countless adults find the peace and happiness they are searching for. She serves the greater Orange County area in California including: Newport Beach, Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, Mission Viejo and many other cities. To learn more about her practice or to schedule an appointment, visit


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