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Visualization Techniques for Planning Implant Size

Before your initial breast augmentation consultation, you may want to give yourself an idea of how large you would like your breasts to be after surgery. An easy way to determine this is through visualization techniques performed at home.

One of the simplest visualization techniques is called the "rice test." To perform this test, take a plastic baggie or nylon stocking and fill it with a small amount of rice. Place the rice underneath your bra and see what it looks like underneath your clothing. Adjust the amount of rice in increments of 1/4 cup until you have found the size you like best. Record this number and bring it to your consultation.

You can also visit a number of websites that allow you to upload a photo and plan breast implant sizes through computer modeling. However, it is important to remember that computer imaging is a tool, not a guarantee of results.

Working with a Plastic Surgeon
When you choose a breast surgeon, make sure you are working with someone who is both experienced and board-certified*. Your plastic surgeon may very well offer breast implant sizers that you can take home or try in the office. These will provide a more accurate measurement than rice and give you a physical image as opposed to one on a computer screen.

Coming to your consultation with pictures of breasts you find attractive can give your plastic surgeon a good idea of what you hope to achieve, allowing him to provide you with a selection of sizers within the range of your goals. Your breast surgeon can discuss more visualization options during your initial consultation.

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* = Dr. Keith Hanna, Dr. Thaddeus Fabian, Dr. Keith West and Dr. Michael J. McNeel are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery


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