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When to Remove and Replace Old Breast Implants

Before you commit to breast augmentation, it is important that you know it is not considered a permanent procedure. In fact, it is not uncommon for breast implants to require replacement at least once following breast augmentation, and more than once for women who have this procedure early in life.

Why Replace Breast Implants
There are a number of reasons you may wish to remove and replace old breast implants. You may wish to replace breast implants for personal reasons such as a desire to switch from a saline to a silicone implant, change the size or shape of an implant, or change the placement of an implant. These things can be done as soon as you have recovered, often through the same incisions used for your initial breast augmentation procedure.

Other aesthetic reasons to remove and replace an implant result from changes to the implant itself. These can include double bubble, wrinkling, rippling, or bottoming out. Again, replacing implants for these reasons is often done through the same incisions, minimizing additional scarring.

There may be medical reasons to remove and replace your breast implants. Among these are capsular contracture, or implant rupture or leakage. When these things occur, it can be medically necessary to remove and replace your implant as soon as possible.

How Long Implants Last
Breast implants are intended to last for upwards of ten years. Many women find that their implants last for over 20 years. A small percentage of women will need to replace their implants within the first few years following breast augmentation. Much of this depends on your body, the placement of your implants, and the experience of the plastic surgeon who placed them.

During your initial consultation with your breast surgeon, discuss your breast implant options and ask how long you can expect your implants to last.

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