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Shalva Store: Zinc May Support Anti-Aging Efforts

The importance of a well-rounded diet is that it provides the body with all of the vitamins, nutrients, and other substances that it needs to flourish. This is particularly important in terms of the health of the skin. As the largest organ of the human body, the skin is impacted by the diet that an individual consumes. A recent article in SHAPE asserts that zinc may play a role in the efforts to stave off the signs of aging. Shalva Store, a retailer that carries Dead Sea mineral-based products and focuses on providing clientele with effective anti-aging solutions, encourages individuals to incorporate a healthy amount of zinc into their diet to boost the effects of their anti-aging efforts.

The article reports: "Researchers say that zinc deficiency, which can develop with age, leads to a weakened immune system and increased inflammation, a known trigger of aging and chronic illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. The study found that zinc metabolism was impaired in older animals, who showed signs and symptoms of deficiency despite consuming a diet that contained adequate amounts of the mineral."

Although this information may cause individuals to start supplementing their diets with zinc, the article encourages people to eat the mineral in moderation. In fact, too much zinc can cause a wide variety of health complications, including a suppressed immune system, low HDL cholesterol, and the diminished absorption of a list of other important nutrients, among other concerns. For this reason, the article recommends eating foods that are high in zinc instead of over supplementing. Some of these foods include yogurt, crab, shrimp, scallops, lobster, mushrooms, sesame seeds, beans, cooked spinach, and pumpkin seeds.

The skincare professionals at Shalva Store encourage customers to follow this advice when using their products as part of an anti-aging routine. In a recent press statement, the retailer's owners comment: "We recommend that individuals follow a well-rounded diet, as what people consume has been shown to impact their skin's health. Given the information in the article, it appears as though it is important for individuals who are looking to fight the signs of aging to ensure that they eat a balanced amount of zinc, meaning that they do not over or under indulge in foods that carry this nutrient."


Shalva Store is a health and beauty retailer that exclusively carries items formulated with Dead Sea minerals. With two locations in New York, New York, including one in Soho (68 Spring St., New York, NY 10012), Shalva Store caters to the needs of its clients with a diverse inventory of products created by the top brands in the industry. Shalva Store only carries the highest quality merchandise, ensuring that its customers are able to easily pick the products they need without having to worry that they are purchasing a sub-par item. The merchandise stocked ranges from anti-aging collections to moisturizers and cleansers and the professionals representing the retailer can assist customers in pinpointing the right combination of items for their skincare needs.


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