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Benefits of Liposuction- Marietta Plastic Surgery

Some benefits of liposuction are obvious. With liposuction, your board-certified* plastic surgeon can remove unwanted, ugly deposits of fat and cellulite from nearly every area of your body. This procedure can be used to firm skin, enhance tone, and generally sculpt your body into a more attractive and comfortable shape. These things are self-evident, and most likely the reason you're looking into liposuction to begin with. However, the benefits of liposuction do not end with a more attractive frame.

Why Consider Liposuction
Will liposuction improve your clothing options? Yes. It may also improve your self-confidence and make you feel more appealing in general. But that's not all liposuction can do.

If you are willing to put some effort into it, liposuction can be a springboard for a better life. Excess deposits of fat can make many forms of exercise impossible. Once fat is removed, your physical limitations go with it, allowing you to explore new forms of physical exertion, further sculpting and toning your body.

When you engage in different types of exercise, your health improves. Studies have shown that improved health translates to improved emotional satisfaction, allowing you to not only look better, but to have a better outlook as well. Using liposuction as a means to begin your physical and emotional transformation is up to you, but these benefits are available if you wish.
Realistic Expectations

Can liposuction undo deep-seated emotional dissatisfaction with body image? No. But it can, for individuals who are emotionally stable, increase feelings of self-assurance and help begin a healthier, happier life.

Alone, liposuction can do little more than improve your body contours. With effort, liposuction can be the starting point for taking control of your body, and looking and feeling your absolute best.

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* = Dr. Keith Hanna, Dr. Thaddeus Fabian, Dr. Keith West and Dr. Michael J. McNeel are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery


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