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Norwalk ENT Utilizes Home Sleep Studies to Aid in Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

The symptoms of sleep apnea may not always be very specific, and for that reason, Dr. Andrew Parker, Norwalk ENT, is pleased to offer home sleep studies to aid in diagnosis. Through a proper consultation with Dr. Parker, patients will be able to further understand sleep apnea and if they require further testing, which would allow for home sleep studies.

If sleep apnea is suspected, Dr. Parker, Norwalk ear, nose and throat doctor, will request a sleep study, which is comprised of many different physiological variables that include brainwave activity, breathing, muscle tone, cardiac and other variables. Also known as Polysomnography (PSG), a sleep study is commonly referred to detect and determine the severity of obstructive sleep apnea.

One in twenty-five men and one of every fifty women suffer from some form of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is defined as a total cessation of airflow or decrease in flow of at least 75% while an effort to breathe is being made, while central sleep apnea is defined as an absence in flow while no effort to breathe is being made. The home sleep study is used to distinguish between these two types of apnea and is used to determine the frequency of which these different types of sleep apneas occur.

"These home sleep studies help to provide us with an increased awareness of sleep apnea. Previously, sleep studies were only performed in hospitals and academic institutions, but now we can easily perform these studies in the home," said Dr. Andrew Parker, Westport ENT. "By performing these sleep studies in the home, the same results are yielded as those that are performed in sleep centers."

To complete these home sleep studies, Dr. Parker, ENT providing Westport tonsils treatment, has partnered with sleep specialists, whom are able to record a full 22 channel attended sleep study, which sets them apart from the rest. While Dr. Parker's sleep specialists record 22 channels, other testing companies only record 4-7 channels screening devices, which, although they can determine the presence of obstructive sleep apnea, they cannot be used for treatment purposes.

Partnered with an exceptional sleep testing company, Dr. Andrew Parker, ENT providing Norwalk tinnitus treatment, works to treat his patients' sleep apnea through the best home sleep studies available today. No longer do patients need to suffer from restless and sleepless nights with the aide of Dr. Parker and home sleep studies.

About Parker Ear Nose & Throat of Fairfield County: Dr. Andrew Parker is a board certified otolaryngologist and completed his residency at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, the oldest specialty hospital in the United States. In addition, he is the Chief of Surgery for the section of Ear, Nose and Throat at Norwalk Hospital and performs surgery when not practicing medicine at his office. Dr. Parker and his staff of licensed audiologists, a physician associate and another board certified physician, treat all Ear, Nose and Throat maladies including tinnitus, tonsils and hearing loss.

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