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Plastic Surgeon Comments on Growing Uses for BOTOX

The facial rejuvenation benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic in Staten Island are well known, says Dr. Louis C. Cutolo Jr. Less commonly known is BOTOX's use as a treatment for muscular disorders, migraines and excessive sweating. Scientists are also evaluating the possible benefits of BOTOX for urinary incontinence, hay fever and even depression.

BOTOX was first used to treat muscular problems such as spasms and tics around the eyes. It was later adopted as a treatment to relax and smooth dynamic facial wrinkles. Now, its role in the medical world continues to expand.

Dr. Cutolo, a plastic surgeon in Staten Island who specializes in breast, body and facial procedures, uses BOTOX to treat facial wrinkles and is closely watching the ever-growing number of uses for this injectable medication.

"I'm always encouraged anytime medical science discovers new and better ways to treat patients," Dr. Cutolo says. "BOTOX has allowed me to help people revitalize their appearance, regain their confidence and ultimately enjoy a greater quality of life. It's rewarding to me and my patients."

Although BOTOX's versatility continues to be explored, it has been used by medical and cosmetic practitioners to reduce the appearance of deep facial lines since it was approved by the FDA for that use more than 10 years ago. During that time, millions of women and men have enjoyed its benefits because BOTOX allows them to restore a youthful-looking vitality to their appearance quickly and easily without surgery.

"Many people considering a brow lift or a face lift in Staten Island come to my practice," Dr. Cutolo says. "Often during consultation we determine that with BOTOX, we can achieve the youthful appearance they want without surgery."

At Dr. Cutolo's practice, BOTOX continues to be extremely popular, along with a variety of other treatments for facial rejuvenation and skin care in Staten Island. He and his team offer patients from the greater New York area a full range of cosmetic services, including injectable fillers, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

Dr. Cutolo also performs a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures and is popular with his patients for his caring, compassionate manner and his keen sense of aesthetics.

Dr. Louis C. Cutolo Jr. is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Staten Island, N.Y., who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. He is an active member of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Cutolo combines extensive experience with outstanding attention to detail to provide his patients with optimal results. Along with his experienced team of highly trained professionals, Dr. Cutolo offers women and men personalized solutions to all their cosmetic needs.



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