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Julius Goepp, MD Highlights Nutritional Benefits of Tomatoes

In many ways, today's culture has turned a spotlight on healthy living. In fact, individuals are embracing programs like Crossfit and the popularity of grueling fitness challenges, such as the Mud Run and Tough Mudder, has seemingly skyrocketed. Julius Goepp, MD encourages individuals to continue to engage in such activities that promote health; however, he also recommends seeking out nutritious foods to create well-rounded lifestyles. A recent article in Men's Fitness showcases the health benefits that tomatoes provide--particularly to men.

According to the article, tomatoes contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and other important substances. In fact, it asserts that "One medium tomato provides you with more than a quarter of your vitamin C for a day, and it's also rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene." Additionally, the fruit offers 556 milligrams of potassium in just one cup of its juice. It also offers lycopene, which is an antioxidant that has been attributed to reduced inflammation, decreased risk of stroke, and the decline in the danger for prostate cancer. The article notes that, in addition to providing these crucial substances, "Eating tomatoes can also lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, according to a 2011 study."

Dr. Goepp understands that these health benefits are extremely important for all individuals. By incorporating tomatoes into their diets, members of the general public can boost the nutritional value of their meals and improve their overall health. But he asserts that this fruit is particularly important for men, as it provides the substances necessary to fight medical concerns that are held by the male population.

"Tomatoes are indeed a health asset," asserts Julius Goepp, MD, "one especially important for men of all ages. Their content of vitamins E and C is very high, and the vitamin E found in tomatoes is the one best known to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Most importantly for men, tomatoes are a main source of lycopene, which is proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. As the number one cancer in the male population, this is of significant importance."

Dr. Goepp encourages men to add tomatoes to their diet in a variety of ways, from drinking tomato juice to incorporating the fruit into their favorite recipes in an effort to give them a boost in nutritional value.


Senior consultant and co-founder of Lupine Creative Consulting, Inc., Julius Goepp, MD strives to improve the capabilities of healthcare organizations and medical-based small businesses by sharing his industry insight. Julius Goepp, MD attended Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, both of which prepared him for a successful career in the healthcare industry. For a great deal of his professional life, Julius Goepp, MD worked in the pediatric field. Currently, he is focusing on exploring adult health concerns, preventative medicine, and similarly relevant medical subjects. He shares his findings with the general public through the regular writing of articles.



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