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What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is the most advanced liposuction technique available today. Using laser energy to liquefy fat cells prior to removal, SmartLipo has the potential to provide stunning results without many of the risks associated with other liposuction techniques.

Because fat can be difficult to remove, most of the advancements in liposuction have been geared towards breaking up stubborn fat deposits. With SmartLipo, fat deposits are not merely broken up, they are turned into a liquid, assisting your plastic surgeon in compete removal of fat and helping ensure a toned and sculpted end result.

Benefits of SmartLipo

One of the biggest benefits of SmartLipo is that it can be used on smaller, more delicate areas of the body. SmartLipo has been proven effective at removing fat from areas such as the chin, neck, and behind the knees. This allows your plastic surgeon to better sculpt your body and provide you with the results you desire.

Other benefits of SmartLipo include:

- More precise removal of fat
- More reliable results
- Reduced instances of bleeding
- Reduced instances of infection
- Decreased recovery period

Recovery from SmartLipo is perhaps one of its most attractive benefits. Recovery from traditional liposuction can take weeks. With SmartLipo, recovery may take less than two days. Due to this, SmartLipo also reduces risks of complications that can occur during a more lengthy recovery.

Candidates for SmartLipo

Your candidacy for SmartLipo will need to be determined by a board-certified plastic surgeon. As a general rule, good candidates for this procedure should be:

- Nonsmokers
- In good health
- Within 25 pounds of their goal weight
- Prepared to follow their plastic surgeon's postsurgical advice

Ideal candidates should also have good skin elasticity. SmartLipo encourages collagen growth and can assist in skin firming, but may not be good for people with thin skin. During your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, your candidacy for SmartLipo can best be determined.

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