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Male Liposuction

Men are different than women. This isn't a political statement, it's just a fact. The anatomy of men has different needs and requirements than women, and liposuction techniques designed for the female body can be ineffective or even dangerous to men.

Male liposuction is designed for men who are close to their ideal weight but cannot seem to lose those last few pesky pounds. Many areas of the male body can seem impervious to diet and exercise. Stubborn deposits of fat throughout the body can detract from your masculine physique and interfere with your lifestyle. Choosing a plastic surgeon who offers male liposuction is one of the best ways to address this issue and achieve the toned and manly build you deserve.

Treatment Areas

Popular male liposuction treatment areas include:
- Ankles
- Calves
- Thighs
- Hips
- Abdomen
- Flanks
- Back
- Chest
- Arms
- Neck
- Face

Practically any area with unwanted fat can be treated with male liposuction, but that does not mean that liposuction should be seen as an alternative to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Male Liposuction Candidates

The best candidates for male liposuction are within reach of their goal weight. Removal of more than ten pounds from a treatment area can have adverse effects, making liposuction perfect for body contouring, but a poor method of weight loss.

Good male liposuction candidates should also be nonsmokers who are generally healthy and willing to commit to maintaining their results through diet and exercise. Once removed, fat will not come back, but inactivity and poor dietary choices will quickly allow new fat to grow. If you want to maintain a strong and handsome frame, you will need to be willing to put some work toward it.

During your initial consultation with a male liposuction surgeon, your frame will be assessed and the benefits of this procedure discussed in full.

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