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Cystic Fibrosis Patient Improves with Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Angelo DiStefano, 51, has struggled with cystic fibrosis his entire life. He was confined to a wheelchair and every breath was a challenge. Along with his wife he spent years researching a variety of treatments that could improve his condition. They discovered Zannos G. Grekos, MD chief medical officer of Intercellular Sciences, LLC and a world leader in the field of adult stem cell therapy. Working with Intercellular they determined a new course of treatment.

See Mr. DiStefano talk about his CF and Dr. Grekos here:

DiStefano received his first adult stem cell treatment on May 4, 2011 in the Dominican Republic. Since only adult stem cells are used, the political, ethical and medical issues surrounding embryonic, fetal and allogenic cord blood cells are avoided and there is no risk of rejection from the patient.

In only a few months, his pulmonary function test results show an increase in FEV1 from 18% to 32%, he is walking on his own, and he is able to leave the house to enjoy time with his wife.

"He has surpassed all odds. He is ecstatic to be out of the wheelchair and is grateful to have hope again. I am overwhelmed by the improvement in his quality of life. I have my husband back," said DiStefano's wife, Gari.

Another CF patient, Carrie Salback, 40, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a child. Salback had become so bad she couldn't climb a flight of stairs without stopping several times to catch her breath.

On February 24th, 2011 Salback underwent the unique Intercellular adult stem cell protocol to treat her condition. Since the procedure she has seen a vast improvement in her lifestyle, including getting up early to go walking and skating. She too had an improvement in her PFTs, but more importantly has had no infections or hospitalizations since treatment.

"I am encouraged by the progress we're making with treating cystic fibrosis using our unique stem cell protocol. We are finding an improvement in patients functional capacity and pulmonary testing, as well as an across the board reduction in infections and hospitalizations," said Mike Calcaterra, CEO of Intercellular Sciences. "Our work is now expanding to include spinal cord injury, autism and many other diseases that have resisted tradition drug based interventions"

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Intercellular Sciences located in Bonita Springs, Florida is dedicated to leading the world in providing adult stem cell therapies, Intercellular Sciences utilizes the most advanced technologies and medical procedures to improve and prolong the lives of its patients. Additional information on adult stem cell therapy as well as patient video experiences can be found at and


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