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Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Tampa

There is no such thing as the best plastic surgeon in the world. Or, at least, we don't know who they are, because, unlike NCAA football, plastic surgery has still not adopted a playoff system. However, that doesn't mean you can't find the best plastic surgeon for you. But you have to be careful and put in the work necessary.

Finding Plastic Surgeons
Florida is a popular place for plastic surgeons. Throw a rock in the Tampa metropolitan area and like as not you'll hit one. But good ones are not quite as common, and choosing the best plastic surgeon for you is a little harder.

Start by asking friends and family who have had plastic surgery about their surgeons. If they like their surgeon and would recommend them, put them on your list of candidates. Don't forget to ask your friends and family about their own selection process. Not only might they have good pieces of advice for you, you can use the thoroughness of their selection process to qualify their recommendations.

Next, search the Internet for plastic surgeons, both in general and to look up the ones you already have on your list. First make sure that every surgeon you are considering is actually a board-certified plastic surgeon. Anyone can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, but plastic surgeons have to have specialized training, have dedicated residencies, and pass board exams in plastic surgery.

Use websites to evaluate not only a surgeon's credentials, but also evaluate their skill by looking at images in the before and after gallery. You should also try to get a sense of a surgeon's aesthetic sense by looking at their website. Even stock photos on the site are indicative of a surgeon's aesthetic sense.

Add to or subtract from your initial list until you have 3-5 likely candidates. Then schedule consultations.

Ask Hard Questions
You should go into every consultation prepared with a list of questions. Make sure you talk about a surgeon's training and experience in performing your procedure. Ask to see before and after images for patients similar to you. Ask about qualifications for any people assisting with the procedure, and don't forget to ask about accreditation of the facilities.

Talk to potential plastic surgeons about whether you're a good candidate, specific risk factors, and what lifestyle changes might be required for your surgery, either temporarily or permanently. Ask about possible complications, including rates and severity.

Ask potential plastic surgeons about cost, and make sure the figure you get is inclusive of everything, such as fees for assistants and facilities. Use this figure do decide if you can afford plastic surgery, and make sure you talk about financing options. Don't use this figure to decide between plastic surgeons. You don't want to risk your appearance, your health, even your life by selecting a cheap but less-qualified plastic surgeon. You also don't want to simply assume that more expensive surgeons are better.

Don't Commit If You're Not Comfortable
Finally, you may do all this work and not find a plastic surgeon you're comfortable with. That's okay. Start the process over again and try to find a plastic surgeon that makes you 100% comfortable with the procedure. That's the best--and only--plastic surgeon for you.

It may take a few more weeks or even months to do the whole search over again, but if you work with a surgeon you're not comfortable with and get bad results, you may suffer for years and require additional surgeries. You save time finding the right surgeon for you.

And don't fret over consultation fees. Your actual surgery is going to be a much larger expense--and think if you have to pay for it twice! Better to spend money on consultations.

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