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What Are Free Radicals And Why Do You Need Antioxidants?

Have you ever wondered why a lot of health experts are saying you must try to eat vegetables and fruits on a daily basis? Certainly, there are many reasons, but one reason is that they supply antioxidants. But there's something better than fruits and vegetables which provide antioxidants. It is green tea.

Before we start learning about green tea and its antioxidants, we have to first have an understanding of why we need antioxidants.

We are now living in a society of great technological and industrial advancement. We've got planes and cars that conveniently carry us from place to place; There are also personal computers and cell phones that virtually take us from point a to point b. At the same time most of these beneficial inventions have created more radiations and pollution that make free radicals in our body.

So what's free radical and how does it alter my body?

Your body is composed of numerous molecule types and free radical is one of them. Free radical is a molecule with unpaired electron. It steals an electron from another molecule. When this happens a lot, it may lead to dangerous health concerns. A lot of free radicals can be a cause of a lot of health problems such as heart disease, bad cholesterol, arthritis and cancer.

Just how does one neutralize free radicals?

Antioxidants are what you need in order to neutralize free radicals. It is essential that your body has enough antioxidants. This means you need to consume antioxidants everyday.

Vegetables and fruit such as spinach, bell pepper, broccoli, strawberry, kiwi and papaya make the perfect source for antioxidants. The reason is because these fruits and vegetables have a lot of vitamins E and C.

Is there a different source of antioxidants besides vitamins C and E?

Doctors are saying Epigallocatechin or commonly known as EGCG is a more powerful source of antioxidant compared to vitamins E and C. Many experts agree that EGCG is 25 times more effective than Vitamin E and 100 times more effective than Vitamin C in eliminating free radicals.

Green tea is the best source of EGCG. One cup of green tea provides about 100mg of EGCG. Including green tea to your daily nutrition is a good idea to raise the overall consumption of antioxidants.

So if you are like most of Americans. If you haven't been able maintain taking in sufficient antioxidants regularly, give consideration to taking green tea supplements. In many situations, convenience may be a reason why you could not stay up with a healthy schedule. So you should check out more about tea and begin living healthier.


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