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Lung Cancer Causes

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death among both male and female people who suffer from cancer. It is also an incredibly painful, torturous disease, something that nobody should have to experience.

Although many are knowledgeable of the many causes of lung cancer, many think that carcinoma of the lung and tobacco are interchangeable terms; that is, lots of people think that only those that smoke die from lung cancer. But it is attributable to more than solely cigarette smoking.

Obviously, cigarette use is unquestionably the primary cause of lung cancer globally with cigarette smokers comprising 85-90% of lung cancer deaths. As a result, the warning here ought to be apparent: if you do not smoke then never get started and if you do smoke cigarettes then do quit. However, it's important that you should learn about the many dangers out there - and unfortunately, a number of them appear to be virtually unavoidable.

Aside from cigarette smoking, there are 5 other main causes of lung cancer according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. These include:

1) Frequent exposure to radon

2) Frequent exposure to asbestos

3) Frequent exposure to air pollution

4) Frequent exposure to chemicals

5) Aging

Basically, these cancer of the lung causes are a part of the bigger picture of pollution problems that really are a immediate consequence of the industrialization of our globe. Specific things like asbestos and radon are in normally possible to avoid (however might still unintentionally fall victim to their toxic compounds) but common pollution can be something which everybody is confronted with, with basically no potential for escape.

Exactly what can you do to shield yourself? To begin with, you can steer clear of components you understand are harmful. Do not smoke cigarettes, avoid asbestos, and then try to be as chemical free as you can. To fight the toxins that you are subjected to, eat a good diet and ingest antioxidants-Omega-3 oils in wild salmon, the acai berry, kale, grapefruits and tomatoes, which are just a number of of the many anti-oxidant loaded food products that will help you fight cancer-causing free radicals discovered in pollution. Perform as much physical exercise as possible and attempt to avoid eating refined food - it only exposes you to more harmful chemical substances.

Cancer of the lung will kill and it arises from more than simply cigarettes. But always remember that cigarette smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer. It is an activity you can no longer make justifications for. If you would like to live a healthier and satisfying life, you will want to conquer your cigarette habit. Recruit the aid of a smoking cessation trainer, like a hypnotherapist, and take your initial steps to a much healthier body and happier mind.


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