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How Viewing Porn Becomes an Addiction

With at least a quarter of all search engine requests related to sex, online porn addiction is becoming a problem for many Internet users of both genders and all ages. In fact, some are calling porn addiction “the new drug” for people around the world. Even celebrities like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny have admitted to sex and porn addictions. While porn addiction is a newer issue, it functions in a similar manner to other types of addictions, such as gambling or drugs. Some doctors actually find that pornography can be more addicting than physical drugs, because images cannot be erased from the mind.

Teens are the most susceptible group to becoming addicted to porn. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 are the biggest Internet users, and many of them have their own laptops and Internet-enabled devices. These factors add up to create a perfect storm of porn addiction. In addition, teens may have a harder time overcoming addictions due to the fact that their brains are still growing and adapting to outside forces. Women are also using online porn in record numbers as a way to deal with loneliness, boredom or emotional emptiness. In the past, women usually became prostitutes or had affairs, but now they are starting to view porn instead.

Individuals under stress may turn to pornography as a way to relieve tension, but it becomes a coping mechanism. When a viewer looks at porn, it creates a pleasant change in the brain, which releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, among other hormones and chemicals. These are very powerful, pleasant chemical changes. The user quickly realizes that watching porn makes him or her feel good. In fact, many porn addicts report feeling euphoric after viewing pornography. They begin to rely on these feelings to function.

Porn addiction also has roots in past sexual abuse. Up to 80 percent of sex addicts have been sexually abused at some point. Rather than turn to relationships, these individuals turn to online porn, which is deemed safer.

People affected by a serious porn addiction report lower levels of relationship satisfaction and issues at work. It may also affect their social lives. The problem with online porn is that it is ubiquitous: Internet users are constantly bombarded with sex-related emails and pop-ups whenever they go online. There is seemingly no escape from it, but there are ways to cope with it.



By: Max Health

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