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Getting Help for Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is a serious but misunderstood disorder that is almost impossible to overcome without outside help. Friends, religious leaders, organizations and support groups exist to help addicts overcome their pornography addictions.

The anonymity and ease-of-access provided by the Internet have encouraged skyrocketing rates of pornography addiction. Approximately 25% of search engine searches are for porn sites and there are nearly half a billion adult websites to meet the demand. 10% of adults admit to having an online pornography addiction, but this rate is likely much higher as many people do not consider pornography a legitimate addiction.

According to Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist, “Sexual addiction is not considered a formal psychiatric diagnosis, but anyone who’s out there treating, you know, in the world of sex therapy or even treating couples is seeing this. It’s becoming a pandemic, in terms of the clinical experience of it, because couples are coming forward with this all the time.”

The effects of pornography on the brain have been deemed “toxic” and comparable to cocaine. Many sex therapists assert that pornography addicts tend to develop a tolerance to pornography and need increasingly more hard-core material to feel the same level of excitement that they used to get from soft-core pornography.

Brain scans have shown that repeated viewing of pornography literally rewires the brain. The natural release of serotonin and dopamine that occur during arousal and orgasm actually causes a mental bond with the images, damaging real-life relationships and preventing the addict from having normal intimate relationships.

In addition, pornography addiction often leads to maxed out credit cards, lack of sleep, neglected responsibilities and broken relationships.

You can learn more about the effects of pornography from organizations like Pornography Harms ( and Fight the New Drug (

Overcoming pornography addiction may be as easy as installing a web filter and educating yourself about the effects of pornography addiction, but this is rarely the case. Overcoming serious pornography addiction often requires outside assistance from counselors, religious leaders or support groups.

Fortunately, there are many support groups are available. Sex Addicts Anonymous ( ), Sexaholics Anonymous (, Dirty Girl Ministries ( and Freedom from Porn Addiction ( offer online and offline support groups and resources to help people overcome pornography addiction.

Multiple faith-based groups, such as The Kings Men ( and LDS Family Services ( offer support groups and assistance overcoming addiction as well.



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